Wood Stove Pipe 6″ X 1m


Vitreous Flue pipe (1000mm Length)


Vitreous Flue pipe (1000mm Length)

150mm ( 6″ ) Diameter

Used to connect from your stove to either flue liner or twin wall insulated ridged flue pipe, (adaptor also required)

Matt Black / Gloss Black 
Installation Advice

You should not install any piece of Vitreous with-in 3 x the internal diameter from combustible material eg: plaster board ceilings/wood etc, a 6″ diameter piece of Vitreous should be 18″ away from combustible materials , each joint made should be sealed with Fire cement. Vitreous Flue pipe is only to be used as a connecting piece of flue between the appliance (EG: woodstove) and the flue liner or chimney stack.


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