Anti Down Draught Cowl

Designed to cure smokey fireplaces, stoves etc by combating downdraught caused by turbulent wind conditions.

Available in 316 Stainless Steel for Solid Fuels (without mesh), Gas or Oil (with mesh).

Also available in Aluminium with mesh included.

Rockbracken Stoves Strongly recommends fitting the Stainless Steel Mini Rockbracken Stoves when burning smokeless and other solid fuels.

Fixed with Band & Straps, Hook Bolts or Flat Top Kit (when there is no pot).

Can also be used with the unique Euro Pot Hanger and Twinwall Adaptor.

  • Certified by Bsria Ltd
  • Compliant with EN1856-1 2009
  • CE approved
  • Supplied fully assembled


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